Endless Splices - Belt Fabrications

Splices are used to join various styles of belting in an endless configuration without lacing. An endless splice's advantages are a higher strength rating than lacing, no gap at the splice and no metallic fasteners needed.

Lap Splice
This splice is used on belts with multiple plies. The belt is hot vulcanized using uncured rubber or thermoplastic as a bonding agent.
Single Finger Splice
Thermoplastic belts will remelt to produce a smooth and strong splice. Hot pressured vulcanizers are used in this process.
Double Finger Splice
Thermoplastic belts with multiple plies can receive a double finger splice where additional splice strength is needed. Hot pressurized vulcanizers are used in the process.
Skived Splice
Typically used on belts that have nylon cores and some PVC belts. This style of splice requires a hot vulcanized press.
Prepared Ends Splice
In some instances a belt can be factory prepared and cold bonded endless in the field. A certain amount of skill is required to ensure a strong splice.
Stitched Reinforcement
Belts that a subject to extreme conditions can be stitched across the splice for additional reinforcement.